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Foundations For Fat Loss & Freedom

Foundations For Fat Loss & Freedom

We believe that the fitness industry has been getting it wrong. In a world where sex sells, the message being pushed is one of six packs, weight loss, and superficial images. But this message only targets 10% of the real-world population, promoting a method of training that for the majority, does not work.

Noticing this has pushed us into having a serious look at what we are doing. What works, what doesn’t, and how to change it so that we give people what they need to ensure success becomes a habit.

The MAJORITY of people don’t need to add more stress to their lives, they need to remove it. Pressure to "give up food" "get up early" and "sacrifice more" all leave us with ideas and emotions of loss and pain, which means ZERO motivation to apply to our daily lives.

Most of us are either overweight, stressed, anxious, or depressed. We can't wait for the 2 hours of binge-watching tv before bed, we live for the weekend beers, and we crave our buns, cakes, and chocolate on a daily basis.

We beat ourselves up for not having the strength to say no, not realising that these are the coping mechanisms, not the problem and we can’t fix the root of the issue by always focusing our attention on the symptoms

But what if exercise took a completely different approach? What if we began to focus on changing our view of the problem to an opportunity?


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