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Weathered Warriors MMA

Release Your Inner Fighter Fit without Ever Getting Hit!
Weathered Warriors MMA, a unique and specialised training program designed specifically for men aged 40 and above. If you've ever been intrigued by MMA training but prefer to avoid the punches, kicks, and combat, this program is tailor-made for you!

Experience Weathered Warriors MMA

Unleash Your Inner Warrior with Expert Training and Dynamic Sessions!


Master the Art of MMA with Our Expert Trainer!

Meet our expert with 23 years of experience in MMA as both a fighter and coach. He opened Ireland's first full-time, purpose-built MMA gym and has successfully coached multiple MMA champions. As a key coach for Ireland's first-ever UFC athlete, he has honed his skills in coaching with kettlebells, macebells, bodyweight, and specialises in training men aged 40 and above for the past 7 years.


Release the Fighter Within with MMA Training Sessions!

Our program offers up to 5 training sessions per week, with flexible timings to suit even the busiest of men. In addition to the regular sessions, we have included 2 martial arts mat-based classes per week that cover all the essential elements of MMA training.


Become a Warrior with Our Training Techniques!

Throughout the program, you'll learn a comprehensive range of training techniques based on kettlebells, macebells, gymnastic rings, bodyweight exercises, as well as correct striking and ground techniques. This well-rounded approach ensures you receive a holistic training experience tailored to your needs.

Customised Gym Sessions for Busy 40s+

We understand that life can get hectic in your 40s, with work, family, and other commitments taking up most of your time. That's why our program offers gym training sessions based on the methods used to train professional fighters, but thoughtfully adapted for the aging athlete. Our gym sessions run from Monday to Friday, starting at 6/6.30/7/9 am and 5/5.30/6/6.30/7 pm, leaving no excuse for not getting involved.

No More Hits, Just Fighter Fit

The best part of our program is that you get to achieve fighter-level fitness without hits or injuries. No more hindrances!


Become stronger

We'll help you become stronger both physically and mentally. Our expert trainers offer a comprehensive training program to unleash your inner warrior.


Get leaner and fitter

Achieving a leaner and fitter version of yourself is our priority. Our expert will lead you through dynamic training sessions customised to meet your specific needs. Whether your goal is to lose those extra pounds or enhance your overall fitness level, we've got you covered.


Master MMA Techniques

Our dedication lies in helping you master the art of MMA. With our expert trainers, you'll receive comprehensive training techniques encompassing striking, ground techniques, kettlebells, macebells, bodyweight exercises, and much more.

Limited Numbers, Maximum Focus

To ensure personalised attention for every participant, we have limited the program to a maximum of 10 participants. This intimate group setting enables us to concentrate on your progress and customise the training to align with your specific goals.

Don't Miss Out

With limited spots available, we encourage you to act swiftly and secure your place in this unique program. If you're eager to explore the best of MMA without the physical impact, contact us as soon as possible to reserve your spot.

Important Training Reminder for Weathered Warriors MMA

Don't miss out on these key details:

Offers a training program tailored for men aged 40 and above.
Up to 5 training sessions per week, providing a flexible schedule with options available. Sessions are held from Monday to Friday, with morning options starting at 6/6.30/7/9 am and evening options at 5/5.30/6/6.30/7 pm, catering to the busiest of men.
Enjoy 2 specialised Martial Arts Mat Sessions per week, running on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm. These mat-based classes cover all essential aspects of MMA training, helping you develop new skills and techniques.
The program is limited to a maximum of 10 participants.

Join Weathered Warriors MMA today and discover a new level of fitness and empowerment, all while training with like-minded men in a supportive environment. Let's release the warrior within you!

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