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The Gym

The Gym

We are more than a gym, we are a community. Genuinely, that is what Primal really prides itself on. It is a training facility built on the principles of Support, Encouragement and Challenges.

Our members actually know one and other, you will find a support network of like-minded people who encourage each other and challenge you to find that extra 1% each time you train.


Primal is a gym filled with traditional and not-so-traditional pieces of equipment. But all of it is bought with our clients in mind. Every bit serves a specific purpose for solving the problems we encounter while training our members, from building strength to overcoming injuries.

Primal Strength & Movement the gym and equipment
The Gym Mobility and Stability


Moving is medicine, motion is lotion. It is only when you lose your mobility do you grow an appreciation for something you took for granted. Our specialised mobility equipment makes rediscovering pain free movement a painless ordeal.


The more stable you are, the more mobile you are. The more stable you are, the more strength you can produce. Core stability is the foundation of movement. We know this and have a variety of equipment to target increasing your core control.


Whatever you do in life, being stronger makes it easier. This is our bread and butter. We have shown men and women over 40 how to build strength beyond their wildest dreams. Our barbells, kettlebells and macebells will ensure your body feels bulletproof.


With age comes injuries - it’s a painful fact, and injuries put people out of training. The machines we have were specifically built to help you overcome injuries, allowing you to continue your training programs.

The Gym Strength and Injuries
The Gym Cardo and Coordination


As you get older you become more aware of the importance of having a strong heart. The heart is a muscle and needs to be trained. Our cardio system is geared towards the 40+ bracket and allows you to easily build an engine that performs.


One thing that keeps us feeling young is improving cognitive function. We use a multitude of methods from slack rope walking and bodyweight skills, to gruntball (our version of volleyball) and boxing. Each of these skills increases coordination and concentration, not to mention they reduce stress.


Once A Year we launch our six week challenge programs for men and women The SuperDAD Strength Project & The WonderWomanWorkout. Keep an eye out for our launch dates.

Free Weights

The barbell has been used for hundreds of years to build the human body. When used correctly it can build strength and sculpt the body. In Primal we show you how to use the barbell to build your body in the most effective ways

kettle bell

This is the training tool Primal is probably best known for.  As one of the most experienced instructors in the country, you would be hard pushed to find a better facility to teach you how to use kettlebells correctly and effectively

Primal Strength & Movement Group Training

Another unusual training tool that most people have never even seen never mind used. The old school strong men of the late 1900s used this tool to build real life strength and bulletproof shoulders and elbow joints

body weight

Mastering control of our own bodies is something everyone should aim for. We all know how strong and graceful gymnastics are and that is achieved by challenging the body. Now I am not saying you will be a gymnast level master but after a few months in Primal you will begin to realise you have more strength and body control than you ever believed possible.

punching bag
Punch Bags

A lot of gyms have boxing style classes, but not all gyms can offer professional level coaching, Primal can. For 20 years I fought and coached Professional MMA so our boxing classes it only get you a great workout hitting bags and pads but you are also taught how to punch, kick, knee and elbow properly, as well as some other nuggets of gold thrown in. It’s as close to training like an MMA fighter without actually fighting or as we coined it “Get Fit Without The Hit”



Experience our expertly programmed group training sessions, designed to help you achieve your fitness goals quickly and effectively.

With flexible times to suit any schedule, there's no excuse not to join Lisburn Gym and start your journey to a fitter, healthier you.

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