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Move Better, Look Better, Feel Better.

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The Lisburn Gym For People Who Don’t Do Gyms

Based in Lisburn, Primal Strength & Movement has been helping people in their 40’s and beyond Look Better, Move Better, Feel Better. We recognise that as you get older, your strength & health goals change, so your training must also follow suit. We’ve disproved the long-held beliefs of the fitness industry that pushing your body to failure over and over is how we should train.

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Become stronger

No matter what you do in life the stronger you are, the easier it is in Primal we show you how to build strength that crosses over to everyday life



Pain free movement should be everyone’s goal, sadly the world we live in has made us lazy we no longer challenge or move our bodies like we should in Primal we show you easy methods to free up joints and live pain free



Let’s be honest, EVERYONE wants to look good in Primal we show you simple and effective methods to build muscle and lose weight without restrictive diets or crippling workouts


Our 4 week UNLIMITED trial allows you up to 20 sessions in our programmed group training sessions for only £77 and with times to suit even the busiest of people, there really is no excuse not to get involved.

Our Experts

Pól Murray

20 years coaching experience
Strength training & Kettlebell expert
Specialises in MMA coaching, kettlebells & training people over 40

Michael Rosbothom

Head Coach
Qualified Nutritionist
  • I’ve been following Primal Strength and fitness on social media for a few years and was always intrigued by their content. I got the impression that they only worked with men so I never enquired with them. But when the most recent lockdown was nearing the end I saw them advertising a trial period and decided I’d message just to enquire. 

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  • I have held dozens of gym memberships over the years, I can honestly say that Primal Strength and Movement is the best gym I have attended. Classes are smaller in numbers which makes each session feel like you have the benefit of a personal trainer. Pol pays attention to each member's lifting/kettlebell technique and works with you until you got it nailed.

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  • Primal is an excellent place to train. No waiting about for machines, just 1 hour of great training and fun.

    The coaches are great, programs are changed every 6 to 8 weeks so you are never bored with training. 

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  • I have been training with Pol for 12 years and have been in primal since they first opened their doors in Lisburn.

    I love the coaches as they are so friendly, professional, passionate, knowledgeable and you can see that they actually care about each and every client.

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  • I played rugby for close to 25 years and was forced to stop due to injury. I did nothing for nearly 2 years and ballooned in weight. I was in really bad shape and was struggling to tie my shoes without getting out of breath. 

    I saw a few videos shared by others of Pol and liked the way he came across and agreed with what he was saying about training. 

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  • Having joined primal 2 years ago I haven't looked back, not your average gym in any way. Fantastic coached trainers helping you every session with any struggles you have and developing new skills with every programme. Great atmosphere and of course the banter between members gets you through a tough session.

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  • I joined Primal on the 4 week trial after too much sitting around, lockdown pounds and the big 40 not too far away! 6 weeks in and I feel great. Making solid progress with strength and overall fitness. Obviously decided to stick with Primal after the trial. Great gym with top class coaching! 

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  • I felt fat, tired & old, I had chronic pain in my lower back, shoulder & knees. I was well on my way to being another fat dad just plodding through life but I still had that glowing embers in my belly to make a change. I first encountered Pol on Facebook who accurately described my predicament with a road map to get where I wanted.

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  • I joined Primal 2 years ago because I wanted a better structure to my previous fitness journeys. The content Pól and the team showed that it was a fun and safe place to train, I did my 2-week trial - turned up 4 times a week and enjoyed every session. 

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  • I joined Primal because I knew that they had exceptional coaches - people who actually cared, were knowledgable, and who would not only work with improving people's physiques but would also work on changing their mindsets. To me, it was all about becoming disciplined, emotionally strong, and resilient. 

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