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Mr and Mrs Average

Mr and Mrs Average Article
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You are 30-50. Kids, mortgage, two cars, 9-5 job, loving partner, debts and little to no time.

I’m pretty much describing the average man or woman in today’s society. Life is stressful for Mr and Mrs Average. Once upon a time they had the time to do what they wanted; train, party, holiday etc but sooner or later there comes a time when you feel you need to grow up. You meet a partner, settle down, have kids and join the rat race. All of a sudden priorities change, kids need fed and bills need paid. Time becomes a precious commodity and when you get a few moments to yourself and you just want to relax!!!

Does this sound like you? If it does there is a good chance your clothes might be feeling a bit tighter than they did a few years ago. Life has got in the way of training, convenience is what dictates the daily menu. On the outside you might still seem like the same person you have always been but deep down inside you know you would like to look better. It wouldn’t have to be a Calvin Klein six pack or a bikini model look but knowing you could lie on the beach on the next family holiday and turn a few heads would feel good but hey, thats in the past, you are too old for all that now,  so its better to put it out of your head and enjoy “just one more slice of pizza.”

Why is it that we allow ourselves to get stuck in this way of thinking? No matter what age you are, no matter what your current state of fitness, there is always time to make a change. It’s never too late. I’m not going to feed you any bullshit, its going to be hard and there will be times when it would be easier to just lie on in bed instead of going to the early morning class and it would be easier to just come home from work, sit down, relax and maybe have a drink but it’s only going to make you happy in the short term. You will still have to look at yourself in the mirror, you will still have to wear those ever tightening clothes.

Walking into a gym for the first time or after a long lay off can be intimidating. Everyone will be looking at you, they will be wondering why you are here, how could you allow yourself to get into the shape you are in. These are real fears for a lot of people, they are also wrong. No ones cares about you being there, everyone is too caught up in their own lives. When you get these fears just look in the mirror, remind yourself why it is you have started this. You need to play the long game here, this will not be an overnight fix. Think six months to a year. A year from today you will be a completely different person. You will be happier, have more confidence and have possibly learnt new skills like handstands or muscle ups and maybe even show your kids up. These are the thoughts you need to hold on to when the temptation to miss the gym “just this once” becomes real. You justify it the first time and the second becomes so much easier.

If I have just described you then make the decision to achieve what you have said you will for the last X amount of years. Forget about past failures, they have no bearing on your future. The only thing that will, is your willingness to change. If you want it bad enough then it can happen. Imagine how it would feel to be proud of how you look, how awesome it would be to show up people half your age.

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