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8 Super Tips For A Six Pack

8 Super Tips For A Six Pack
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Guys want them, girls want them, EVERYONE wants that illusive six pack. Pt’s gain clients solely on the promise of being able to deliver them, gyms sell memberships because of all the “core classes” that promise overweight people a dream but how do you actually get one?

Here are Primal Strength & Movements 8 super tips to getting washboard abs.


Yes you read this correct. Do crunches work? Well, yes, I suppose they do but just because something works doesn’t mean it is the most efficient way of doing it. In our Strength Culture Physique Program, we do not have one single crunch in it, yet we can help our graduates achieve abs like in the images above. How I hear you ask? Simple, through strict appliance of our protocols. By the end of our 60 day program, each graduate will have done over 18,000 ab building movements.


Thats right, good old o2. The first and last thing you do in life is breathe and if you think that sounds all zen bullshit, its because I’m both an old school martial artist and old school lifter, who knows from study and experience how effective breathing patterns are to building solid abs. Trust me, if you want to build a rock solid six pack, your first port of call needs to be breathing technique. Correct breathing patterns can turn any exercise into a ab building juggernaut.


Deadlift? for abs? Yeap. A big, full body, movement that works almost every muscle in the body. Now there are three kinds of DL. The conventional (legs close), sumo (legs open) and dog taking a shit (if you are doing this one, sack your trainer). The first two are the ones that will help build your abs, through full body tension and breathing, the third will just leave you in hospital and can be found on countless PT’s instagram pages.


Another big, full body, movement that builds not only serious leg strength but abs like a brick wall. Try learning how to do a correct Zercher squat or double heavy kettlebells in the rack position and repping out five controlled squats and come back and tell me about your 100 crunches.


Standing with a heavy weight in your hands, feet touching and pressing it above your head, requires stability and tension. That stability and tension comes from the trunk/core area. Now stick that heavy weight above your head, repeatedly and couple that with the breathing and it equates to….. you guessed it, abs.


Pick up a heavy kettlebell and carry it like a suitcase. Grab two dumbbells equal to your bodyweight and carry them as far as you can. Lift a sand filled bag and bear hug carry it as far as possible. Put a sandbag over one shoulder, hold a kettlebell in the other hand and drag a prowler behind you and tell me how your abs feel after. Why are carries so good for the abs? The 3G’s Grip, Glutes, Gut. Any exercise that works the 3G’s are great for building strength. Having to force yourself into a stable position while under load is going to work you every muscle in your abdominals like nothing you have ever experienced. Trust me on this, I know! As do all of my clients.


Before you run, you must crawl. Crawling is something we all have done at some point in our lives its just that most of us have forgotten (or never realised)just how effective an ab workout it actually is. The fact is, crawling ROCKS! Not only will it build a solid foundation for your abs, it can actually help make you more intelligent and improve your coordination. Get on to all fours, hand and chest inline, knees and hips at right angles with knees a couple of inches off the floor. Push your hands and feet into the ground, like you are trying to be Chuck Norris and push the earth down. Just hold that position, with full body tension, understand how effective this is, THEN add movement into the mix. Thank me later, or thank me in person when you take advantage of our massively reduced “TWO WEEK, NO RISK, NO COMMITMENT” trial. Just click on the link.


If you want abs that stop women (or men) in their tracks, you must follow this eating protocol, the D.E.S diet, (Don’t Eat Shit). Its as simple as that. All of the above will build unbelievably strong and amazing looking abs, but without shedding the fat around your mid section, no-one is going to see them. Stop with the take aways, chocolate and beers all weekend. Limit yourself to one cheat day a week. The other six days is a balanced diet of Protein, fats, low GI carbs and TONS of green, leafy veg. When followed properly, the D.E.S diet never fails.

So there you have it, our eight top tips to building a six pack. I can already hear the cries from some who just love their crunches and ab work finishers. just for you, here is a bonus section that includes a few examples of ab focused work that actually works.

  • Ab wheel: Not for everyone (you need to ensure you are strong enough to hold the position without damaging your lower back).

Hanging leg raises: Another awesome exercise that not only hits the abs but works the grip as well.

Hollow rocks: An old school gymnastic exercise that when done correctly, DESTROYS your abs.

Janda sit up: Not many people know this and even less do it properly but if you can manage even one, you have strong abs

Myotatic crunch: Possibly the only thing a BUSO ball is actually useful for. Once you get it right, you will understand.


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