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The 6 Week SuperDad Project

Are you ready to take back control?
Train in our gym in the heart of Lisburn
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6 week Project

only £157

Primal Strength and Fitness is located right in the heart of Lisburn city centre on Chapel Hill, directly opposite the front of Bow Street Mall.

Build more muscle, lose more fat, get more sex.

Because let’s be honest, when you get to our age, our needs and wants are simple.

We just want to know we aren’t the fattest dad by the poolside on our holiday.

We are happy if we look good in a shirt and the missus looks at you with a promise in her eye.

The Six Week SuperDAD challenge will do just that and help kickstart your journey of taking back control of your life.

Up to 5 sessions a week, with tikes to suit the busiest of dads.

Monday to Friday - 6/7/9am, 5/6/7pm 

The price is £207

but the first 10 men to get signed up will get £50 off!!

That works out at only £5 a session!

Chris on Lisburn Gym: Primal Strength & Movement

The community is great, we have fun and support each other, the programs are well structured across levels of ability. One of the best things about it is that the trainers understand the life of a 40-year-old parent with kids, with the associated niggles and pains.

Peter Testimonials on Lisburn Gym: Primal Strength & Movement

The coaches are great, programs are changed every 6 to 8 weeks so you are never bored with training. They explain everything to you, go through the technique of the exercise, if you have injuries they know alternatives for you to reach your goal and always there for help.


Then the 6 Week SuperDAD Challenge is for you

This isn’t some sort of starvation-style diet with ballbusting workouts every day.

This is a 6-week program designed FOR men in their 40s FOR men in their 40s and beyond!

It’s simple to follow, with exercises chosen for men getting back into training.

It will challenge you
It will change you
For 6 years I have been showing men, just like you, how to
Build A Bit
Lose A Bit
Get A Bit

If you are a man who knows


He needs to take back some sort of control of his health


Is READY for the challenge

Primal Strength & Movement Group Training


Is willing to be coached

Primal Strength & Movement Group Training
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