Physiotherapy and Sports Massage Sessions

Helping you to get out of the pain and back in the game

Open to members and non-members

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Are you struggling with recurring injuries?

Do you want to improve posture and core stability?

Have you had enough of stop-start training due to muscular pain?

    If this is you, then keep reading!

    Primal Strength & Movement is expanding its abilities to help you!

    We are now offering an in-house physio, open to both members and non members to help you get back in the game.

    Regardless of where you currently are with your fitness, we have something to offer you:

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    Primal now offers bespoke physiotherapy sessions to help you restore your STRENGTH & MOVEMENT post-injury.

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    Sports & injury massage

    Deep tissue massages that relieve tight muscles and chronic muscle pain.

    Why Try Sports Massage?

    • To help promote blood flow to injured areas
    • To speed up the healing process
    • To help the lymphatic system remove toxins
    • To aid with pain reduction
    Get a 30 minute session for £25
    Get a 45 minute session for £30
    Get  a 60 minute session for £35
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    Get tips and bespoke stretches you can do at home to aid with your rehabilitation and/or prevention of injuries

    Get in touch now!

    To hear about how you can ditch the pain and get back in the game!
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    Who does physiotherapy help?
    Anyone and everyone. Regardless of how strong or fit you are, focused work on your core leads to better sports performance and pain-free everyday movement. Exercises can be regressed and progressed depending on abilities.

    What sports does it help with?
    Our sessions are designed to help with all sports, fitness levels and strengths.

    Does it help everyday life?
    Yes - especially for people with joint or muscle problems.

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