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A big issue with getting into a training regime is beating that mental barrier of actually starting something. 

A perfect example would be New Year's resolutions, where we all start January of every year with those good intentions and by 1st February, 95% of us have already quit. 

Being a parent also places a lot more stress upon us as let's be honest, our needs and wants are way down the list. 

For some of us (not everyone though), no matter how much we would like to, committing to a 5 day a week, 12 week transformation will be unrealistic, so telling yourself you can and will, may only end up setting yourself up for failure. 

What would be better would be to set realistic goals that are achievable and progress from there.

For most people that simply means telling yourself you will do something, once. 

No mental commitment to keep it going. 

You will go for a run, you will attend a class, or you will go to the local gym and lift some weights. 

It could be as simple as doing a 10-15 minute Kettlebell or bodyweight workout in the kitchen or it could be taking the dog out for a brisk paced walk.

Whatever it is you decide to do, just do it with the attitude of, "if I like it, I will do it again, if I don't, I won't."

Be open-minded and willing to try multiple things until you find something that's able to fit into your schedule. 

Once you have found it, keep focusing on the principle of single workouts. 

Tell yourself "if I enjoyed it, I will do it again, if I don’t, I won't BUT... I will ensure I try something else!” 

It is that simple, but you MUST commit to something! You cannot allow your mind to justify running away from what it is you KNOW you need to do!

By only focusing on that one workout, without the added pressure of having to think about completing weeks and weeks of training, you may find that without realising it, you will soon find you have built habits and before you know it, regular training sessions become part of your life. 

Some days it may be an hour, others 10-15 minutes, other days you may not get a session in. 

That's fine, as long as you are doing more than you once were, you will improve.

So try it, commit to one single workout this week and if you like it, commit to another. If you don't, find something else and give it a go. 

Let me know how you get on and when you feel ready to commit to programmed, coached training with an experienced expert, give Primal a shout and you can try us for four weeks for ONLY £77

Ladies, gentlemen, stop everything you are doing and give me five minutes of your time.

Then read on, I may have the answer to your prayers.

The problem with all these classes is the way they are designed. 

This industry literally hundreds of thousands of £££££ on marketing brands. 

They use adverts, celebrities, articles, and models with perfect bodies (who by the way, do not use these classes to get in that shape) to trigger an emotional response and get you to buy into the brand. 

They jazz it up and use those buzz words designed to tug on your emotions and reel you in.

The facts are this. 

Within a matter of a few weeks, you can turn your body into a lean, mean, fat-torching machine!


Simple, the kettlebell enables you to do high intensity, ballistic movements, like the swing, clean, and snatch, which create the perfect environment for targeting those troublesome areas while the grind lifts like the Turkish Get Up build unparalleled strength. 

This perfect combination of muscle building and fat burning leads to that lean, toned body that is the envy of everyone.

I know exactly how effective the kettlebell is. 

When I was a professional MMA fighter it was my tool of choice to get me in fighting condition. 

When I turned to coaching both amateur and professional fighters (right up to the UFC), I used a simple combination of kettlebells and bodyweight exercises to produce multiple champion fighters. 

Not only have I over 20 years of experience using and coaching them, but I also tutor many other instructors in the use of kettlebells.

Not to blow my own trumpet, but you will be hard pushed to find a better coach. 

Now you have the chance to experience how effective they can be. 

Our training encompasses all methods of training, barbell, bodyweight, bands, macebells, clubbells, cardio but at Primal we build our programming around the kettlebell. and with my experience, we can ensure that no matter what your level of experience, in a very short space of time you will be competent in using a bell and have the confidence to swing them anywhere 

So if you are looking to transform your body and mind and be safe in the knowledge that the coach teaching you KNOWS what you need and how to show you it, then give Primal a try. Our 4 week unlimited trial is ONLY £77!

One problem the average man/woman has when it comes to their strength/fitness training is not understanding what is required to improve themselves.

What I mean is today, fitness has become more about image than health.

Sex sells so gyms focus on giving people what gets them the attention desired and in today's world of social media obsession, six-packs and butts are what makes Instagram tick.

The problem is that although this body image is sold as a solution, (if you achieve a certain physique, your life will somehow become better,) for the VAST majority, this simply isn’t true

The reality of achieving this look requires much more focus and commitment than the average man or woman is willing to commit to, especially long term where the risk of everyday family life becoming a legitimate block for many, in the short term at least

The key to success in your training is by first analysing your current lifestyle and asking 

A. “What can I do today that will have a positive impact on my life?”

B. “What is realistic for me at this moment?”

Long-term change doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a gradual process and as every person is different, there is no answer that fits everyone.

A man in his 40s who has trained most of his adult life and has a stone to lose will have a different journey and outlook to a guy who hasn’t exercised in 10 years with five stones to shift.

This is why the world of social media and its comparison culture is one of the worst things to happen to anyone trying to get into shape.

I encounter this similar story time and time again...

Someone is doing well then allows their attention to becoming distracted and they start focusing on other peoples progress rather than their own. 

They begin to compare themselves to how others are doing, even though these people are at different stages of their fitness journey and before they know it they are down the rabbit hole of searching for the unfounded secret to fat loss, “ the magic banana” as I call it because it does not exist.

There is no secret, just accepting reality, knuckling down and doing your best while accepting you are human and are going to make mistakes

The key for a coach like me is finding a way to articulate this and help you and those like you, find a way that suits their own lifestyle and show them a path that equates to success 

This is different for every person but there are some simple principles that crossover to everyone and these are what I will be covering in future articles.

In the meantime, if you are wanting to get started, why wait? We have a multitude of options to suit ALL abilities and levels.

Physio and sports massage for those who are struggling with injuries 

Physio led Pilates for people who need to start with core stability

Personal Training for anyone feeling they need 1 to 1 attention

Programmed Group Training for those looking for accountability 

Just fill in the form on the website and we will get back to you.

Ready to Start? Why not take our trial for only £77 for 4 weeks

The problem you have with training is that you view the act of exercise as the problem and not the solution.

When you recognise this, you free yourself of the prison your mind and thoughts hold you in

In your and so many others minds, the fear you have of stepping out of your comfort zone is seen as a bigger problem than the daily problems of how you think, look and feel about yourself

The real problem is in the lack of daily movement

The real problem is the inner dialogue when you see your reflection

The real problem is how you eat and the relationship you have with food

The real problem is your daily, habitual actions that have been built over a number of months and years, that have brought you to this exact point..... reading this article because you already recognise something within yourself isn’t working the way you want.

You, like so many others, fear change

Change means having to look critically at yourself and what you have been doing.

Change means accepting you haven’t been doing what you know you should have.

Change means finding new levels of self-discipline and giving up some of the comforts you have come to rely on on a daily basis

This causes panic in so many of us and leads to us finding justifications not to continue on this path and instead fall back to what is familiar (even though it’s these actions that have brought us to this point in the first place)

But what if we were to swap that around?

What if we were, to be honest, and look at our daily decisions?

Is it true that exercise is the problem?

Is it true that changing how we eat is the problem?

We all know the answer to this, we just don’t want to admit it because if we do, we are left with no other option but to confront our own thoughts and habits and accept that US/WE and how we act, are the REAL problems.

It is fear-based thinking.

We know we have let ourselves go

We know (deep down) that it will require effort 

We know there aren’t any quick fixes (even though 1000’s of gyms promise just that)

It is simply a case of accepting the truth and moving on from there

Sadly that’s where it becomes hard for so many. But like I said at the beginning of this blog, it is only difficult because of how we look upon it.

If I said I will pay you £200,000 if you were to change and train every day, eat how you know you should, would it make the transition easier?

Of course, it would because we are a financially motivated society.

We suddenly see our current habits and wants aren’t as important as the dreams the promise of money offers.

It’s just a shame we don’t put our own health on the same wavelength as money, but what this shows is that it isn’t the food or lack of exercise that’s the problem but how we look upon it, and if this is the only real problem, then it means we are all capable of achieving these goals.

But I also accept it is easier said than done and I understand no one chooses to put on weight and hate their bodies, so how do you start?

Well, the first port of call is to admit you aren’t happy.

You need to acknowledge you have been telling yourself a lie.

Once you do this, it opens up a different conversation, one that starts you looking in a different direction.

Next, it’s accepting you need help. 

Weight loss and building muscle take time, it means making many mistakes, facing doubts, self-criticism, overcoming mental and physical obstacles, which is much harder to achieve alone. It is easy to find a reason to give up if no one is there to challenge you.

For the majority of people, having someone hold them accountable is the game-changer they need. For others, it’s shared suffering. Being around others going through a similar ordeal.

Combine accountability with an environment of like-minded people and an experienced coach, someone who has been where you understand what you need and know how to deliver it, and you have a winning combination. 

You are giving yourself a better chance of success

This is what Primal offers.

Accountability at a level only seen with Personal Training

The highest level of coaching at an affordable price

A group of like-minded and encouraging members

So if your goal is to improve yourself, to become better on a daily basis, in an environment that builds you up rather than puts you down, then why not try Primal? We have a multitude of options to suit ALL abilities and levels.

Physio and sports massage for those who are struggling with injuries 

Physio led Pilates for people who need to start with core stability

Personal Training for anyone feeling they need 1 to 1 attention

Programmed Group Training for those looking for accountability 

Just fill in the form on the website and we will get back to you.

Ready to Start? Why not take our trial for only £77 for 4 weeks


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