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7 reasons why women should not lift weights

7 reasons why women should not lift weights
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SOCIAL media is full of articles explaining why women should lift weights but there is always two sides to a coin. Before you decide to start a weight lifting journey, that once started, is hard to stop, it may be worthwhile considering the following points

1. A new wardrobe
Having spent hundreds, possibly thousands on clothes that fit your shape and knowing what tops go with certain skirts and trousers, if you were to lift weights you will only end up losing fat and building muscle and that means:
A. Needing to buy new clothes in smaller sizes to show off your hard work.
B. You will have to spend time trying on all these clothes to figure out what goes best with what.
No one needs that hassle.

2. Unwanted attention
There is nothing worse than having to listen to girls telling you how amazing you look, (no one likes liars). Actually, there is one thing worse and that is hot guys always wanting to talk to you when you are out. I have never met a girl who wants some Brad Pitt body double to ask her for her number, especially in front of her friends.

3. Losing the craving for bad foods
Lifting weights on a regular basis seems to inspire people to eat healthy, nutrient-rich foods that lift your mood and help sustain energy. Imagine WANTING to eat health foods! What is this insanity? No sir, choose Mc Donald’s any day, you would miss that bloat and having to dig through your wardrobe to find an item of clothing that fits you (see point 1). Then there is the fact that as you eat better foods and build muscle, you would start seeing abs! That would lead to feeling great (point 7) you would end up taking photos to show them off and that links us back to point 2.

4. Getting strong
Why would you want to get strong? That’s what men are for. Hell no, it’s much better to remain weak and have to wait for a man (insert husband/boyfriend/brother/daddy) to come along and change a tyre, move some furniture, carry things for you. Besides if you started doing all that, you may start building muscle and that leads me on to my next point.

5. Getting bulky
EVERYONE knows that lifting weights will just make you look like a bodybuilder. Seriously, think of the amount of women you have seen walking about this last few years with adams apples and biceps like my thighs. In fact all you have to do is look at the girls who regularly attend our WonderWomanWorkout! They are BIGGER THAN ARNIE! It would be great if somehow, you could just lift some heavy ass weight, get strong without “bulking” and lose fat! How awesome would that be but until then it’s a case of sticking to gym sessions involving spin and treadmills. Speaking of which

6. Cardio
A woman best friend. You want to look ill, I mean beautiful and skinny? Do endless hours of cardio, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year. Be honest, there’s nothing you would rather do than spend 2-3 hours in the gym, looking at the wall, listening to Beyonce on you iPhone. Come into a gym and have your workout done in 45minutes? For £10 a month gym membership, catch a grip, you want your money’s worth! We all know there is no way to get a great “booty” by just lifting a loaded bar off the floor a few times a week. Look on Instagram and all the followers the long-distance female runners have, especially compared to those women who lift.

7. Confidence
It has been shown that lifting weights and confidence has a direct link. Imagine feeling amazing ALL DAY! Who in their right mind would want that?? Nothing to moan or complain about! Why would you want that feeling of you can achieve anything?
Girls who lift have also been known to wear bikinis on holiday and that leads to unwanted attention (point 2.) It also means they have to spend money on buying one as their one piece coat/swimsuit no longer fits (point 1) and that money could be better used for chocolate and alcohol. Besides why would you go to all that effort when five vodka and redbull can let you borrow confidence for the night?

Lifting weights may help you become healthier, build confidence, look HOT.
It can also have other side effects that include but are not limited to
great legs
traffic stopping butt
Feeling happy with the reflection you see in the mirror.

Do you want to feel miserable by suffering from all of the above? Click on the link to get your two week, NO RISK, NO COMMITMENT trial


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